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Navigating Alzheimer's Disease

Someone I Love Has Alzheimer’s. Where Do I Start?

    “Alzheimer’s Disease…”

It’s a diagnosis nobody wants to hear, but many of us will – perhaps as we sit next to our loved one in the doctor’s office as they receive the news. Perhaps it is directed at us. Maybe your friend was diagnosed, or your neighbor. Maybe your spouse hasn’t quite been him or herself lately, and you’re wondering if deeper changes are happening below the surface. Perhaps you’ve been a caregiver for years, and you’ve been struggling to keep your head above water.

Wherever you are in your dealings with Alz, there’s something here for you. Is it all brand new? Start here. Looking for useful tips or advice? Check out Let’s Get Practical. How about some connection? Caregiver Musings is home to life experiences sure to resonate with caregivers.

I’m glad you’re here, welcome.

-Melissa Klaeb | Founder of Alz Things Considered


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